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Raw Snack Brands and Products I love!

Freeze Dried Fruit by Nature's All I hope you can enjoy these healthy, raw snacks as much as I do. Most of our quick snack foods are carbs with a lot of fat, pretzels, potato chips, these are a great, low calorie snack to have instead. Wheat-free and gluten-free.

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Rainbow Salad

Sometimes it's difficult to find ways of making salads fun & interesting. For this rainbow salad I wanted it to look beautiful and colorful. I used my grater to grate the carrots, beets, cabbage, and cucumber and separate them all in the bowl. What a healing meal!...

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Radish Sprouts With Mixed Greens

One secret to great health is to eat lots of sprouts. I eat all the different varieties - bean, radish, broccoli, arugula, alfalfa, sunflower. Right not radish sprouts are my favorite. This salad I made today, fresh from the farmers market has radish sprouts on top....

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Mesclun Salad Greens

I love these mesclun salad greens from Kentor Canyon Farms. Doesn't it look fresh and beautiful? This is what your body really craves. Fresh greens. You should eat them every day. They also put some edible flowers in it which looks so nice and really enhances your...

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Living Lettuce

Living Lettuce is one of my favorite lettuces to use in salads. This company is organic, GMO free, and grown locally. The company grows this lettuce hydroponically, so it stays fresh longer and lets nutrients continue to supply nourishment.

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Lavender – The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

A week ago I began doing Bikram Yoga. I used to play hours of basketball daily, but the pounding of jumping up and down on a basketball court wore out my ankles and knees. If I were to play basketball now, I’d be in a week of pain at least. Hence, why I shifted to...

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Kitchen Gadgets

If you use a lot of herbs in your food, like cilantro, basil, and mint, this is a great gadget to remove them from the stem. I love kitchen tools that make my life easier and faster. I always hated when I cooked with herbs and got too much of the stem in there. You...

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How To Prevent A Cold

If you are an athlete, your issues are usually how to replenish, recover and have endurance. You deal with inflammation, soreness, lactic acid buildup and muscle fatigue. Nutritional strategies are so important, but I also focus on how to make the body more alkaline....

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