Are you too tired to exercise after a busy day? but know you need to in order to lose weight?

LipoB shots can help you have more energy

They boost metabolism burn fat & help you lose weight. Shredding those pounds is not easy, no matter what program you follow. LipoB shots help the body accerelate your weight loss. Dr. Matea Polisoto, Hollywood naturopathic doctor, created a program to support you in your weight loss. The shots should be taken twice a week. Since it's hard to get into the clinic that frequently, you can learn to give yourself the injections at home. Take advantage of our current offer for only $399 to get started for a month supply. (regularly $830) Schedule a consult now start the program.


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How LipoB shots can help you

Dr. Matea's LipoB shots have eleven vitamins that help your body to lose weight. These ingredients have many benefits. In addition to weight loss, my patients have seen them lower cholesterol, reduce cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, reduce cellulite, lower histamine levels and allergy symptoms.  


is an important amino acid that helps with energy metabolism in the body. It helps transport fatty acids to the mitochondria in your cells to produce energy. It also helps to build muscle.


is an essential amino acid that has many fuctions in the body. It helps prevent fat buildup in the liver. It helps lower histamine levels, helps detoxification and supports brain function by assisting synthesis of SamE. 


has an important function of transporting fats and cholesterol within the body and aids in the elimination of toxins and waste from the liver.


help increase your metabolic rate. They help you to have energy to be able to work out. When you are under stress, your body utilizes more B vitamins so this helps the body cope with stress and avoid burnout.


this important nutrient has many fuctions: supporting liver health, maintaining energy levels, boosting metabolism and brain function. It helps the body make acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for learning and mental focus. 


The shots are most effective when combined with a program of diet and exercise. I've created a membership site where I coach you personally on proper diet and exercise to help you meet your goal.

“I've gone down two dress sizes since starting the program and my hair is grown so thick, I'm thrilled..” Gaby Ruiz, Los Angeles, California

“I've gone down two dress sizes since starting the program and my hair is grown so thick, I'm thrilled..” Gaby Ruiz, Los Angeles, California

The shots have helped me lose weight and have more energy, especially with my workouts. Erica Dorsey, Los Angeles, California

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Naturopathic Doctor

“I understand all too well what people go through with weight gain. I've struggled my whole life, going up and down the scale from size 16 to now a size 4. These injections have been a tremendous help for me to be able to have the energy to exercise and boost my metabolism as I age. I take them myself and feel confident prescribing them since I know first hand their benefit. I'm excited for you to join me, so you can get support to reach your goal."

- Dr. Matea Polisoto, Naturopathic Doctor 

What you need to get started 

Consultation and blood tests. LipoB shots are a prescription item so they requires a consultation with the doctor first. This is normally done in the Los Angeles area, in Calabasas or Beverly Hills. It can also be done by phone or Skype in the United States. If you are out of the country, we do have a coaching program for doctors to learn how to utilize the injections. If you have had blood tests done in the past 4 months (general wellness panel) those can be used. 

This special offer includes the consultation free. Once you pay, we will call you to schedule your appointment and give you further instructions. We normally are able to schedule you within 2-4 days. You will also be given information to join our membership site where you can get coaching and support.

The shots are normally $60 each or $480 per month. The initial consultation and blood tests run $450. 

This special offer is only $399 for the first month, (including the consultation fee) 

If you have recent blood work, then you don't need to repeat it.  

So take advantage of this special offer and click below to get started.

 We look forward to supporting you in reaching your goals!


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