Become a Certified Aromatherapist

Aromatherapy Certification 1st Live training August 2-4th, 2019 

Welcome to the Aromatherapy Healing Institute. Join me for the weekly online classes starting July 30th, 2019. Live weekend class starts August 2nd in Calabasas, CA (Los Angeles area). This is level I of our year long certification program.

Aromatherapy Class Essential oils

Live & Online Classes

  • Level II Year Long Certification includes: 4 live weekend seminars, one per quarter. 46 weekly online lessons.
  • First Live Seminar August 2nd-4th, 2019. Held in Calabasas, CA
  • Hands on training by Dr. Matea
  • Includes private membership site with online Q & A and other course material available.
  • Includes weekly coaching call Saturdays 9am, PST.
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Distance Learning

  • Level I Year long certification program includes: 46 weekly online casses every Tuesday 6pm, PST. 
  • All classes are recorded and availabe to view after.
  • Includes access to membership site with online Q & A and other course material available: Dr. Matea's other courses on herbs, diet and beauty.
  • Optional: weekly live coaching call every Saturday 9am, PST. 

Learn How to Use Essential Oils for Healing

The goal of the course is to learn how to make healing blends for you and your family or clients; for a wide variety of conditions. Deepend your knowledge and gain confidence by getting certified and personally mentored.

Interactive Training

Each class has a lesson plan, but also allows for questions and adjusting the course material to your needs. Attending the live classes allows for experiential training which enhances your skill.

Case Based Learning

Dr Matea has found presenting cases in addition to basic plant profiles, is the best way to learn how to create healing with essential oils. 

Forty Plant Profiles Studied

Each week we will study a different plant and how to use it for healing. Guidelines are practical, tools you can put into practice rigth away.

Dr Matea Naturopathic Doctor

Aromatherapy Healing Institute

Dr. Matea Polisoto, licenced Naturopathic Doctor, founded the institute to offer educational courses on aromatherapy, herbal medicine and healing arts. 

Most online training does not have a live component. You only get downloaded course material to study at your own pace. Our courses allow for Q & A and live interaction to bring more value. We also offer access to our membership site where you can continue to interact and ask questions even after class has ended.

The courses are for anyone interesed in essential oils, both every day people as well as practitioners. Massage therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, counselors, reiki and energy medicine practitioners are all welcome. 

Dr. Matea teaches both the biochemical aspects as well as spiritual and emotional component of using essential oils for healing. Much of the curricullum is case-based learning. This can allow for greater understanding of how to implement the knowledge of each oil. If you only study the profile of each oil, it doesn't necessary mean you know how to make to use the oils for healing.

Dr. Matea has been practicing naturopathic medicine for 11 years and formulating aromatherapy products for over 16 years.  

Course Topics

Here is an overview of the lectures and course material to be discussed.

Massage essential oils

The Power of Essential Oils

Dr. Matea discusses the range of conditions oils can be used for. For many people , this is a much greater range of uses than they realized. She also discusses why plants have fragrance and how important our sense of smell is. 

brain picture

Balanced Brain Prescribing

Dr Matea believes the it's important to work with both intellectual knowledge and intuition when blending essential oils. The results are more succesful, creative and fun. She teaches exercises to assist you in cultivating intuitive selection of oils.

Woman smelling essential oils

How to Develop a Discerning Nose

This is a skill which can be developed through mentoring. Once learned, it's extremely valuable in selection of quality oils as well as how to mix them. 

Lemon balm essential oil

The Nervines

Nervine herbs calm the nervous system and give relief for any kind of stress condition: insomnia, anxiety, agitation, restless legs, panic attacks, ovewhelm, ADD, addiction and muscle tension.

Cistus flowers essential oil

The Most Powerful Oils for Cancer

Dr. Matea shares her opinion on the most powerful oils for healing cancer. She teaches how to use them in poultices, skin applications and more. Cases of healing with essential oils will be presented as well.

sage essential oil

Healing the Skin

This class discusses healing skin issues like eczema, sunburn, cuts, rashes, warts, herpes and other skin lesions. You will learn which oils can be applied to the skin safely as well as a discussion on the variety of carrier oils which can be used.

Plumeria essential oil

The Adaptogens

The adaptogen oils are toning and strengthening to the body. They help you to have endurance, vitality and more resilience.

essential oil bath roses

Bathing with Oils

The art of bathing wtih essential oils is a beautiful practice. It helps you to relax as well as heal from difficult emotional states: grief, anxiety, anger, etc.

Herbs for colds thyme oregano

Healing Infections

Essential oils have incredible anti-microbial action. Dr. Matea shares cases of healing from MRSA, sinus infections, colds, flu and parasites.

Jasmine essential oil


In this class we study oils that are used for heightening sensual pleasure, including oils use for bathing and sensual massage.

rose basket essential oil

Flower Power

Flowers have beauty for use in perfumes; but also are a great aid for emotional healing. Dr. Matea shares beautiful flowers collected from India and their many healing properties.

pink rose essential oil cream

DIY Products lotions and cream

It's very empowering and fun to make your own products. You'll learn about all the toxic ingredients in our common products and how you can easily avoid them by making your own......and save money!.