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I just love these new wood kitchen ware I found at the farmers market. It feels good to your hands. I love to make my own curry from scratch so I’m going to use the mortar and pestle do to that. Yes, I actually like to grind my herbs by hand. There’s something magical, alchemical about it. When I make larger batches I use a coffee grinders, but I often do small amounts by hand.

I’m going to use the bowl for soup. I eat a lot of vegetable soups. Most of the snacks people eat are carbs – chips, pretzels, stuff that really adds calories, puts on the pounds. Right now I’m eating a 100% grain free diet which can be a challenge. So I have a bowl of veggie soup as a snack now. I make them vegan, puree most of them with fresh almond milk so they are creamy and filling, have some protein.

The other small dish I’m going to use to make my daily massage oil blends. After I get out of the shower or bath, I make a new blend of oils every day to wear, instead of lotion. It’s fun creating a new scent every day depending on your mood. Right now I’m in love with wearing chamomile, geranium, frankincense, lavender and ylang ylang. I also use a lot vetiver if I’m in the mood for an earthy fragrance. It’s very grounding too. I tend to feel overwhelmed with all the work I have to get done in a day so I find resins like vetiver give me a feeling of peace and calm that I really enjoy. I wear essential oils every day instead of perfume, lotions, or fancy facial products. My skin feels soft and it’s all natural, no chemicals.

I love supporting local artisans at the farmers market. I have my eye on the large salad bowl for next week……stay tuned.