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Most of us have searched for a creamy cauliflower soup recipe before. The recipe usually calls for heavy cream, oil, or some kind of dairy to give it that velvety texture. For those of us staying away from lymph blocking oils and dairy, I give you the healthiest cauliflower soup recipe you’ll ever come across! I have experimented many times trying to find the perfect consistency for a creamy soup, and this is by far my favorite. It’s healthy, vegan, low fat, and just plain delicious!



1/2 head of organic cauliflower

1/4 head of organic broccoli

5 garlic cloves

1/2 onion

Handful of basil

Handful of Spinach

1/2 cup of fresh almond milk

Salt & pepper to taste

Beans are optional

Cayenne pepper is optional


Chop onions and garlic and add to a non-stick pan (we use a non-stick pan to saute veggies so we don’t have to cook with oils) Saute until golden brown. Chop cauliflower and broccoli. Add veggies, garlic, and onion to soup pot. Add just enough veggie broth to cover the veggies. Cook on high heat until broth comes to a boil. Then reduce heat to a simmer, and cook until veggies are nice and tender.

Once veggies have cooked to be tender, add your fresh almond milk to the blender. Then slowly add the veggies and broth to blender. Also add your spinach, basil, and salt and pepper at this point.

Blend until creamy. If you use less broth in the blending process it usually comes out creamier. I would also suggest adding your favorite bean to the soup for texture and protein.

Let me know what you think of this recipe and what kind of extras you add to your soup. I always love hearing new ideas, and getting feedback on recipes.

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