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I am so excited that I got through Halloween without cheating on my diet. I am trying to not eat any sugar at all. I feel horrible when I eat sugar. I get swollen, feel inflamed, I get tired, mood swings, pimples and my workouts suffer. I feel weak when I go to workout if I eat sugar.

When I work from home, I usually don’t have temptations or cravings. It’s pretty easy to follow my diet. It’s when I go out or am around other people I have a challenge. When my staff bought candy for Halloween, I knew it might be hard. I told them to hide it, and only bring it out if someone came to the door. For the last five years I lived in a house where no one came for trick or treat, it was hard to find, in the mountains so I didn’t have this issue. 

I went into the office early in the afternoon to get something and the bowl full of candy was sitting there, right out in the open. Victor, my tech guy was building a computer. All my favorite, especially the worst temptation, reese’s peanut butter cups were in there. (I had told them, get gross candy I won’t like, like carmels or something) My eyes bugged out of my head. Angel, my other assistant walked in. I started hollering, “what are these doing here?”  They started laughing. It’s so crazy how addiction is. How it makes you feel when you are fighting in the moment of temptation. It’s easy to say no when you are not feeling tempted. But there I was staring at the reese’s….I could taste how it would feel, that creamy peanut butter …..your mouth starts watering and you just WANT IT. Ugh. It’s horrible! BUT, I kept to my commitment and said no, I packed up my gym bag and went to workout with my trainer. It helps me so much to have a schedule I have to stick to. I have so much work to do that I would definitely skip out on my training sessions sometimes, feeling like I have too much to get done. But I went.

So I had my VICTORY!  It feels so good to be victorious. It was a battle and I won this one. It was a small one, but every little victory, leads to a bigger victory. For me, I feel like sugar is pure evil. I have a love/hate relationship to it. I do believe sugar (I mean refined sugar, candy, cookies, ice-cream etc…..not honey, agave, etc.) is the main cause of disease, especially cancer. All of the cancer patients I’ve seen have eaten sugar every day. It causes candida, inflammation, acidity, fermentation and over time, major disease. Our bodies just weren’t meant to eat this stuff every day, in whatever amount we feel like. It’s addictive. There are some people who can just eat one or two pieces and that’s it. But most people eat way too much and don’t realize how much they are consuming daily.

I’m definitely addicted to sugar. I’ve head very long stretches where I don’t have any, for months or even years. Then other times, I can go 7-10 days and then I fall off the wagon. For me, I usually can’t just have a little, there is no off button. If I have one, then I’m going to have a bunch. So my goal is zero sugar. I’ve done so many fasts, cleanses and diets over the years, and there is nothing like the awesome feeling of being on a pure diet, with no sugar or inflammatory foods. You feel so calm, peaceful, empowered and in control. 

When we were discussing in advance what to do for Halloween (when I said I didn’t want to be around candy) my staff said, just put bowl outside. So this picture I found made me laugh so hard. I’m on day 14 of no sugar and feel so great!  I wanted to share this with all of you, try to inspire you to give up sugar as well and see how amazing your body can feel. So many health problems disappear. In my upcoming posts, I’ll share all the different alternatives I’m using and some recipes too…..stevia, xylitol, monk fruit, etc.