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One secret to great health is to eat lots of sprouts. I eat all the different varieties – bean, radish, broccoli, arugula, alfalfa, sunflower. Right not radish sprouts are my favorite. This salad I made today, fresh from the farmers market has radish sprouts on top. These mixed greens are from John Givens certified organic farms. So delicious.

Sprouts are a great source of fiber, which we all need, but they are also a real key to having abundant energy. Almost every person I see wants more energy. Yet they reach for it in unhealthy ways, coffee, energy drinks and sugar. Those are addictive and so harmful to the body. If you learn to eat foods fresh that have a lot of energy, then you will have a lot of energy. When a sprout emerges from seed, it has been germinating for a while. That energy that springs forth is loaded with nutrients and vitality. Sprouts have a high concentration of vitamin C, a basic antioxidant that all of our body needs to deal with pollution, stress and chemicals. Most people think of milk as a good source of vitamin C, but greens and sprouts are actually a better source of calcium for your body. They have less fat content and you don’t have to deal with the problem of animals being given antibiotics and food with pesticides. Not to mention, the issue of how they are treated. Another thing people don’t think about is the upconcentration of pesticides in animal foods with high fat. Vegetables have much lower concentration of chemicals than animal products do. When animals are exposed to pesticides, it concentrates in the fat so you are then getting a much higher concentration of it when you eat those foods we call, “higher up on the food chain.”.

I see many adolescents and adult women who are having heavy periods, PMS and irregular menstrual cycles. When we reduce the amount of meat and dairy products in their diet, their cycles improve. Acne goes away, cycles regulate, PMS reduces and heavy bleeding lessens. Isn’t this a sign? I suggest nut milks, mostly almond as it’s the most alkaline nut, and seed cheese as an alternative. I make fresh almond milke every day. It takes 5 minutes. I could not eat anything from a carton that has been sitting around for months and months. Once you learn to eat fresh, your body craves it and your taste buds won’t eat dead food.

There are vegan restaurants that have the most delicious gourmet seed cheeses you wouldn’t believe it’s vegan. The best in LA I think is Matthew Kenney Cuisine in Santa Monica Place. Their seed cheese plate is amazing. They also have a culinary institute with classes if you want to learn how to make your own. If you love cheese and think you could never give up dairy, you have to go there and try this. I can’t recommend it enough.

I like to buy my greens fresh and be able to know and see where they come from. Look at this beautiful picture of their farm.

For this salad above, I just add some olive oil, lemon and sea salt. I love flavored olive oil, today I’m using basil olive oil for some spice flavor to it. I used to eat a lot of creamy salad dressing, like tahini, miso or avocado, but I’m lightening it up heading into spring to lean out a bit. Either way, eat your greens with some sprouts and enjoy the many benefits!

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