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I love these mesclun salad greens from Kentor Canyon Farms. Doesn’t it look fresh and beautiful? This is what your body really craves. Fresh greens. You should eat them every day. They also put some edible flowers in it which looks so nice and really enhances your salad experience. Just add some nice olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon and some sea salt. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple.

You should learn to love the taste of fresh greens. I’m always amazed and then saddened when I meet people who never eat vegetables or salad. No one every inspired them to eat healthy. Their parents didn’t teach them the importance of eating vegetables. That’s why I keep posting all my different salads. Trying to inspired people to eat better is one of my life’s purposes. Health is created by your daily food choices.

I’ve treated many people who were diagnosed with a terminal illness or severe, debilitating chronic illness. Many of them were able to heal themselves. One thing for sure that is a common thread amongst all of them was that they did not eat healthy. They ate sugar, meat and fried food every day and often, no vegetables. For some people corn and potato are their only vegetables. At first many people are surprised when they are diagnosed. But then, after seeking different paths, those who decide it’s time to change their lifestyle do realize, oh, I think my lifestyle and eating habits had something to do with this.

The great thing is, the body is forgiving. It has an amazing ability to rejuvenate itself. The body can heal if we give it the nutrients it needs. Learn to buy, prepare and eat FRESH food for yourself. It’s an act of self love. It raises your vibration, your consciousness and your energy. It’s a source of great fiber and chlorophyll which builds your blood. It gives your skin a great, glowing radiance to it. The benefits are many.

Many people say they don’t have time to prepare salad. But now, the great thing is, everyone sells them pre-washed in bags, all you have to do is dump them on the plate, takes a minute. I eat a salad like this at least twice a day. Try it and reap the many rewards!

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