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If you are an athlete, your issues are usually how to replenish, recover and have endurance. You deal with inflammation, soreness, lactic acid buildup and muscle fatigue. Nutritional strategies are so important, but I also focus on how to make the body more alkaline. Understanding this approach, what the acidity levels are of your food and all the liquids you intake are key to enhancing athletic performance.

I had one client who was excited because they had a 50 pound increase in their one rep max squatting after working with me for three months. I thought I should share this to see if other athletes can benefit. 

Some of the strategies I find are unique, I’m not seeing many other doctors using this approach. There are three keys to it.

1. Alkalinizing the body with diet, alkaline salts (orally) and alkaline IV therapy. Keeping the urine pH at 8.
2. Replenshing with more intense supplementation. I use vitamin injections 3-5x/week, vitamin IV therapy weekly and herbal supplements.
3. Ozone therapy to calm down inflammation and oxygenate the body.

The most important thing is to learn the cause and effect between what foods and drinks are acidic and how they affect your body. You can learn to pay attention to how fast your body can alkalinize those substance. Most people have no idea what their alkaline glands are, if they are depleted and how well they are functioning.

The best thing for an athlete is s to eliminate all highly acidic foods completely from your diet. But if you can’t, monitoring how FAST you clear metabolic acids and maintaining your tissue and urine pH at a higher level will enhance your athletic performance in all ways. 

With this client, first 30 pound gain was after two months of just supplementing with vitamin injections, vitamin IV,’s weekly, and  IV ozone and herbal supplements (adaptogens). The second 20 pound gain was in just two weeks of adding the concept of alkalinity. 

What I take away from this is: 
1. All athletes are depleted! No matter what supplements you are taking. Due to the high level of exertion, your supplements and diet are not keeping up. So higher dose therapy is what brings results. My question for you trainers and athletes are: who and what determines your supplementation program and how do you monitor? I use NutrEval test, live blood analysis, lactate testing, keeping a detailed diet journal and doing bodywork on my athlete’s……. this tells me so much information. You know right away what is going on. It’s best to have both qualitative and quantitative measurements.
2. Oxygenation is key to enhancing performance. There are several ways to do this, but ozone therapy has been phenomenal and fast.
3. Dietary counseling for athletes is woefully lacking. Once you understand alkalinity, you would never consume coffee, alcohol, fried foods or candy (refined sugar). It’s like pouring acid right into your muscle and turning them into mush. Most athletes I see are just completely disconnected from the connection between what they consume and how it affects them. An outsider can see it, but they can’t (or don’t want to since it requires giving up their favorite drinks and foods). You have do to a period of strict dietary cleansing for at least a month, then when you re-introduce foods you will see clearly what creates optimal performance or not.
4. A paradigm shift of what creates peak performance is necessary. The body runs on salt not sugar. Sugar causes inflammation. But what do athletes reach for?  gatorade, protein bars, energy drinks, coffee…….all sugar and extremely acidic substances. They can give you immediate energy but the after effect of acids reduces your recovery time. It’s like being broke and spending a bunch of money on a credit card. You’ll feel a little thrilled after you get your shopper high, but then when the bill comes with interest you’re going to be bummed.

What you want to do instead is put real cash into your bank account which is alkaline foods, liquids and salts.

I switch people to reaching for green juice with sea salt, alkaline salt water and vitamin injections instead of caffeine or energy drinks, and have seen a dramatic improvement in athletic performance and recovery. You can cut your recovery time down aby 70% from doing this.

I like to send elite athletes for lactate testing to see what their lactate threshold is. Most athletes think of this only for an endurance athlete, long distance runners. But I feel it’s extremely beneficial for any athlete. Once you hit your threshold, you are done, whether you are lifting a heavy weight, running on the track, in the ring boxing, or any type of exertion. What first blew me away with this photo comparing olympic swimmers from the website: :

Athlete 1 and 3 won gold medals and the other two didn’t make it out of trials. The winners had a higher threshold and faster recovery.

To accomplish this, most athletic coaches and trainers focus on how to shift this by lactate training, not by diet and exercise. I have done extensive work on shifting the body pH through nutritional coaching, IV therapy and detoxifying the body. I have no doubt, enhancing the body’s ability to handle metabolic acids is the #1 thing athletes need to do to be the best in any sport. I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most elite athletes in the world and find this is an untapped area which could use more exposure.

I’ll post more about this but this initial video is to stimulate your thinking. If you would like to know more, check out my membership site, Starting January 5th, I’ll be teaching live every Saturday online and answering questions. I do individual one-on-one coaching mostly in Calabasas, California, or long distance by phone or Skype.

I love what one of my clients said, Leroy Dixon, Olympic Gold Medalist, “If an athlete can’t recover, you don’t have a job!” 

Recovery is everything. 

Leave a comment and or if you have a question, feel free to send me an email here. I’d love to answer it on my weekly Q & A and support you in having the best performance and longevity in your career.

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