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Made this video to share how I healed my period symptoms so it may inspire some of you. I have another video coming which explains the herbs and supplements you can use, but this one was how I healed with no medicines, even natural ones. I did it by changing my consciousness, from inspiration of the wisdom shared by the Native American teachers I had. Once I learned this, I actually experienced bliss during my “moon time” as we call it. All of my cramps, cravings, moodiness, fatigue and irritability went away and I felt creative, inspired, nurtured and actually felt bliss. I would love other women to experience this. I shared in hopes some of you would be inspired as well. I know other women share similar teachings, but in the mass consciousness, I feel some of women’s wisdom and healing is being lost. More of us need to speak up. So email me and share your story or ask any questions if you like. Or leave a comment and share! I can be reached through the contact page on this site here.

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