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These are my farmers market buys for today! I’m so inspired, I’ve been cooking all day. Everything tastes so amazing, so fresh. After going regularly to the farmers market, I just can’t shop at grocery stores any more. The veggies are just not as fresh and go bad so quick. Sometimes I get home with mixed greens for salad from the store and they are spoiled, you couldn’t tell from looking at them. That makes me really mad. But when you go to the farmers market, they have either picked the veggies the day before or sometimes that morning.

I’ve been counseling some people on losing weight and I’m always surprised at the programs out there, they have the most dead, devitalized foods. Lots of protein powder and bars, but not emphasizing fresh food. Everyone is always in a hurry and neglect to make the time to prepare their own food. I’m always super busy but I make time. The energy I get from the food allows me to do all the things I want to do. It’s worth the effort. It’s really a matter of priority. If you knew how much it would help you and heal you, you would do it.

It’s an act of self love to cook for yourself. Sometimes when people are sick, they hate themselves and cannot even get themselves to do anything like buy vegetables and make a nourishing meal. It’s like they are on the death train and won’t get off at the stop called health. Stop eating microwaved, canned, frozen and prepackaged food! It’s so low vibration and is draining your life force. You should have at least one FRESH salad per day and one green juice. That is not that hard and I’ve seen just that work miracles for people.

Those of us in California are so lucky, we have a farmers market almost every day of the week.

Most people come to me wanting to heal something and know they are toxic, want to get well. When I tell them to give up meat, dairy, sugar, wheat, eggs and soy, they say, WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT? (since that’s pretty much 100% of their diet) Well look at everything on this table! There’s lots to eat, you just have to change your taste buds. As you start to feel better, you will crave healthy things. Learn to eat lots of veggies, it will transform your life!

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