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Naturopathic Medicine

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Comprehensive Health Evaluation

Are you in the best shape? Do you know where you are headed with your health? Dr. Matea does a thorough health evaluation with the latest technology in health assessments. There are many newer functional tests available which are not done by conventional doctors. These tests can evaluate brain function, neurotransmitter levels, hormone levels, nutrient levels, toxicity levels, genetic testing, and more to see if you are depleted or need healing. You can change the course of your life by finding out imbalances and correcting them.

Design a Health Program

After a thorough assessment, Dr. Matea creates an individual health program to fit your lifestyle to help you have more energy, glowing skin, vitality and prevent disease. Various healing modalities are used including:  customized diet plan, customized herbal formula, nutritional supplement plan, body therapies. Dr Matea has been practicing for over eleven years and treated many athletes and people who have intense demands on your body and mind. Knowing you have a guide, someone who can monitor your health status and progress is a very valuable tool.

Healing Treatments

Dr. Matea is trained in many types of healing. You can schedule an appointment for a treatment using: Intravenous vitamin therapy, vitamin injections, lymphatic aromatherapy massage, energy healing, sound healing, crania sacral therapy, counseling and more. Dr. Matea is seeing clients in Beverly Hills, Mon – Friday by appointment in Beverly Hills, CA between 11am-6pm.

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